Presenting author must be registered to the EBF 2019 to be eligible for presentation (oral and poster).
The abstract will be discarded in case none of the authors is registered for the congress before August 15th 2019.
All abstracts must be written in ENGLISH.




Poster Session Schedule:

  • Posters will be on display from October 23rd at 08:30 to October 25th at 13:00
  • Mounting material to hang your poster will be provided by yourself (the organization will help you)


Poster Presentation Schedule: To be confirmed

  • Posters will be presented by topic as follow :
    • Surgery : on the 23rd October from 16:15 to 16:45.
    • Resistance to antibiotics : on the 23rd October from 16:15 to 16:45.
    • Reproduction : on the 23rd October from 16:15 to 16:45.
    • Parasitology : on the 24th October from 11:00 to 11:30.
    • Infectious diseases Respiratory : on the 24th October from 11:00 to 11:30.
    • Infectious diseases (except respiratory) : on the 24th October from 16:15 to 16:45.
    • Mastitis and Udder Health : on the 25th October from 11:00 to 11:30.
    • Metabolic disease : on the 25th October from 11:00 to 11:30.


Hanging of Posters:

  • October 23rd at 08:30


Dismantling of Posters:

  • ​October 25th at 13:00 (Posters that have not been taken down by 13:00 will be dismantled and destroyed)
  • Some wood panels will be available. Please bring some tape double adhesive.

Format & Recommendations:

  • Poster Size: the maximum size for poster is: 3.90 feet high x 2.75 feet wide - 118.9 cm high x 84.1 cm wide (portrait/vertical format). Do not exceed the height/width of the poster board.
  • Font Size: Type size should be at least 30 point or larger.
  • Images and Photos: Graphics and high resolution photos also need to be large enough to be seen clearly. Illustrations should be simple and eye-catching, with unnecessary detail left out. The figures and tables should cover less than 50% of the poster area.
  • Place a heading that runs the full width of the poster at the top in a large-sized type.
  • The poster should be readable from a distance of 1.5 – 2 meters (4 – 6 feet).
  • Please include your abstract program number that you have received in your email notification.
  • Use a constant font throughout the poster.
  • Use a black and bold type to ensure legibility and let your important points stand out.
  • We suggest that you show the preferred sequence in which your poster should be reviewed; this can be done by using 3 – 5 columns so the eye movement is down the columns.
  • Highlight your main findings. Don’t hide your conclusions, consider putting them at eye level, at the top of the right column or alternatively start with the conclusions. Otherwise, we suggest that you structure your poster by introduction, methods, results, and conclusions. State your aims in the end of the introduction.
  • If possible, avoid abbreviations and acronyms, especially in the conclusion section.
  • Seek simplicity, keep text to a minimum and avoid redundancies.
  • Feel free to provide one or more key references.
  • Handouts of your abstract/poster are allowable. We encourage you to include your email address on your poster or handout, so anyone interested may contact the abstract author about questions, comments, or future research inquiries.

(If presenters do not adhere to this requirement, they will not be allowed to present their poster) 


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